Another fun #SpringFlingKidlit contest is here! Hosted by literary agent Kaitlyn Sanchez and author Ciara O’Neal. This adorable .gif by Eva Pils inspired my story about a hard-working, garden-loving cat who delivers the loveliest bounty to fellow felines each spring. Similar to a human I know: my Dad has a community garden plot and spends many hours cultivating to share with others.

Best of luck to each writer who entered and thank you for your time and effort, hosts and prize donors!

With less than 150 words and a .gif of choice, here’s my entry:


By: Jamie Rodarte

I’m not like any other cat.

Simply put, I’ve no time for that.

They loudly purr, purr, purr when pet.

I grunt and purr, purr, purr with sweat.

They stalk and pounce on moving strings.

I much prefer my garden things.

They snooze their days in warm sunrays.

I only nap with rain delays.

So, when it comes to spring’s big boom,

I take my time with all in bloom.

Waiting till they’re hug-sized round,

And pluck before they touch the ground.


Baskets, buckets, bushels of heart.

Carefully wheeled by garden cart.

Piled high, high, high in my truck’s flat.

More than enough for every cat.

“Some love for mew and mew and mew.”

Spring’s kindest gifts are shared…it’s true.

2 thoughts on “SPRING FLING KIDLIT 2023 CONTEST”

  1. YES! You conquered rhyme and flattened us with puns and spread all the love! Springtime blooms for everyone!

  2. What an absolutely adorable story! All in rhyme AND under 150 words? Way to knock us flat with your talent!

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